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Pratik Bakshi

Counsel (ESG) & Chief Strategy Officer

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Pratik is a Counsel in the ESG and Impact practice of BTG Legal. Pratik is engaged by clients from various sectors, such as, retail, technology and extraction to advise on issues relating to Business and Human Rights (BHR), Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), human rights due diligence and business sustainability.

Pratik has also been actively involved in policy and advocacy, and has been consulted for the drafting of a modern slavery legislation, and a legislation on strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP). He was also invited to join the sounding board for the drafting of the Hague Rules on Business and Human Rights Arbitration, chaired by former ICJ Judge Bruno Simma.

Pratik serves as the co-founder and chair of World Law Forum, a research and policy organisation, that works with governments and international organisations on BHR, ethical technology, and diversity, equity and inclusion etc. Pratik also serves as the Executive Director of The Leaflet, one of India's leading legal and policy publications.


In addition to his role as Counsel (ESG), Pratik also serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of the firm, where he's responsible for the driving the overall business strategy of the firm, and oversee other areas such as talent, culture, operations and sustainability etc. Pratik graduated from the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi (India).

Representative Experience


  • One of India's largest green energy company: Assisted the board in the drafting of a climate policy, and advised on best practices, governance, value chain optimisation, supply chain optimisation, carbon pricing, disclosure, and implementation process etc.

  • Australian listed company: Assisted in conducting investigations relating to modern slavery with certain vendors and suppliers in India.

  • Fortune 50 conglomerate: Advised on legal and regulatory issues relating to carbon pricing and trading.

  • German agri-manufacturing company: Advised on supply chain integrity issues in South Asia, and conducted due diligence and social audits across several locations in India.

  • Italian fashion retail company: Advised the company on terms for engaging suppliers in Bangladesh, including ensuring adherence to minimum social security benefits and living wages etc.

  • Indian Billionaire: Advised on various human rights law in India, including prison laws, and mental healthcare law, in relation to the client's extradition proceedings.

  • Indian Media Company: Provided pro bono legal advise and assistance in legal strategy in a 'freedom of expression' suit before the High Court of Bombay, relating to an amendment to India's Intermediary Guidelines Rules.

  • Chief Minister of an Indian State: Member of the defence team in a high-profile defamation case filed by a prominent minister of the Union cabinet against the Chief Minister of an Indian State and other fellow party members. The matter was settled out of court.

  • Directorate General of Hydrocarbons: Assisted in the USD 1.55 billion KG Basin case, and advised clients on issues such as, arbitrability of statutory fines, and multi-tier arbitration agreements etc.









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