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Our Experience

  • Advised a global social media company on appointments to its Board of Directors, separations of higher management officers, and general employment compliance

  • Advised a German industrial machine manufacturing company on employment contracts, appointment and removal of Board members.

  • Advised a leading company on data privacy issues relating to its employees’ private data.

  • Assisted a Spanish company on preparing Employment Manuals and in connection with their day-to-day employment matters.

  • Advised  an American computer networking company on compliances relating to their leave policy

  • Advised a leading company on their standard employment documentation and on local labour law compliances.

  • Advised a Spanish company on benefits and issues related to expat employees

  • Advised and conducted training on sexual harassment (POSH) for Deloitte, SAS, AdColony, Parker-Hannifin and Cognizant.

  • Advised a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company on their employment documentation and compliance with respect to hiring a managing director.

  • Advised a global cyber security company on their employment documentation and employee handbook.

  • Advised a multinational group specialized in manufacturing and supplying sanitary parts on their employment documentation.

  • Advised a global architectural and design firm on their employment documentation and employee manual.

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